Friday, August 7, 2020

Knitting and Nattering

Last week we were given boxes of slippers and mittens that were knitted by the ladies from the Knitter and Natterers club at Hilda Ross Retirement Village.

We were very excited to choose a pair each of mittens and slippers.

Week Three, Term Three

This week in Room 5 - Volcano art

We have been learning about volcanoes.
Here is our art to go with our poem of the week.

Last Friday we painted volcanoes.

Today we added collage to our volcanoes

Here are some of the finished artworks displayed on the foyer wall.

Friday, July 31, 2020

Welcome back to Term 3 everyone!

Greetings to friends and whanau of Room 5.
Ms Jones is back at school, and keeping her eyes on the ground when walking around the school!
I am very grateful to Rachael Tyler for the fantastic job she did being the teacher in my absence. It has made the changeover run smoothly.
Thank you to everyone who has been so kind and generous while I was convalescing.

This is the class blog I will be using to regularly update you with the goings-on in our room.
Below is a collection of photos from this term so far.

Coming up: Cross country Week 5 (Wednesday 19 August).

We have started training for this, building up our fitness. Parents are welcome to come and watch their children run. I will remind you nearer the time.

We are studying volcanoes, and are very interested in the volcanoes of New Zealand.
The photos show some of the activities we have been doing in relation to this topic.

Not a volcanic eruption!
What a beautiful start to my week. The view from Room 5 early in the morning.
 Some of the children have been making dioramas with volcanic scenes back in the age of the dinosaurs.




We published our poem called ... The Volcano!





Volcano art






We welcome your comments about the photos you see here.