Monday, August 31, 2015

Can We make it: Thinking about our Social Action

Can we Make it?

What can we make using milk?

 Things we would like to make.

How can we show others what we have made?

Serious thinking going on here.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Drawing with Stu Duval

Stu Duval is a great storyteller and artist. 
Kowhai team had 2 wonderful workshops listening 
to his storytelling and learning the secrets of cartooning. 

        Stu told the story of Coromandel Jack the brave cat. 
         Only he could save the birds and their homes in the 
           forest of Aotearoa from the dreaded possums.

We drew pictures using letters and numbers. 
We had a great time.

Look what I drew . . .

I'm happy with that!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Fold and Fly Paper Planes

We made paper planes. A challenge set by Kate and Jack. The challenge to firstly, design and make the fastest paper plane that will travel the furtherest and secondly, the best decorated paper plane.

Some designs we attempted . . .

We finally decided on the simple dart. 
The dart being the easiest and travelled a long way.

Fold and fold again ...

Well, how did they fly?
Our practice attempts ...


How much does it hold

Capacity and Volume

We are learning to estimate and compare.
How cups of water is needed to fill a 1 litre container?

Take a guess and count.

How many jugs to fill a 2 litre container?

Now how many 1 litre jugs does it take to fill a bucket? 
Thinking caps on.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Cross Country 2015

Cool running ...

Photo shoot guys!

Awesome turn out Parents . . .

Everyone a WINNER!

Museum visit - Cosmodome Experience

Room One took a journey in outer space 
and around the galaxy
all without leaving planet Earth.

We gained an astronauts eye view of life in the 
Cosmodome, a travelling space exhibition.
The dome is an inflated tent that looks like a big blue igloo.
Inside a digital 3D planetary display 
is projected onto the walls 
giving students that awe and wonder experience.
Astronomer Ron Fisher narrated progress 
on a 45 minute journey through space.

It was pretty cool!
It is an experience not to miss.

Our potted chives

Potted Chives
We had little seeds,
And put them in a pot.
We put them in the sunshine,
And watered them a lot.

We waited and we waited.
Watched them grow and grow.
And then one day little shoots
Came out to say hello.