Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Gorgeous chicks

Healthy eating

Jono visited us yesterday with a message about healthy eating.

We learned about how food made from grains helps give us energy to GO.

Jono made a healthy sandwich

Nuts and seeds and milk products help us grow strong bones and muscles.

Fruit and vegetables help us GLOW. That gives us a healthy look and feeling inside and out.

New chicks!

Our chicks hatched on Sunday. Ms Jones misjudged the twenty one days. Instead of them hatching on the 22nd day, they came bang on time, on the 21st day which was Sunday.
We came to school on Monday and there were six beautiful little fluffy chicks peeping in their new home.

One of them had splayed legs. That is, they went straight out the side and it couldn't stand up. We made a little brace out of part of a drinking straw and a rubber band to keep its legs underneath its body. We left it on for 24 hours. Ms Jones took it off this morning and the chick is able to walk properly.

Here they are exploring the world of Room 5.

The yellow ones are the Light Sussex. The brownish black ones are Golden laced Wyandottes.
The black one with the yellow wing tip is a Barred Plymouth Rock.

One egg hasn't hatched.
We are going to open it on Wednesday for find out why it didn't hatch. Maybe it wasn't fertilised.

Here is their enclosure. The yellow thing is the brooder. It keeps them warm.
They are keeping warm underneath.

The three arms reaching down are a mimioview. It is a camera and two lights that projects the image up onto the screen.
It means we can watch the chicks from a distance.

Here is the image on the big screen.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Busy days!

Here are some photos from some of the things we have done recently in Room 5

Hatching Eggs!

We have seven eggs in an incubator. They are due to hatch around the 11th or 12th of November.

This chart shows all the stages that the chicks go through when they are in the egg.

There are four breeds in the eggs:

Here is the incubator.

We are learning a lot of scientific words that go with hatching eggs.

We are crossing off the days till they hatch.
Not long to go!

Buried rubbish

Remember earlier in the year we reported on burying different kinds of rubbish to see how well they rot down (or don't rot down) in the soil?

Well, after six months we dug them up.
Here is what we discovered:

Here is the garden where the rubbish was buried.

The signs that identified each type of rubbish had gone. But we soon found out what was in each part.

This was an old woolen sock. It is still a sock but we saw how the roots of the plants were growing through it, and we realised that in a few more years it would be broken down into plant food.

These chip packets look exactly the same as when they were buried. They haven't changed a bit.
It will take many many years for them to begin to break down.

This is why we celebrate nude food. We agree it is best not to buy food that comes in packaging like this.

The food scraps we buried are completely gone. There were some healthy weeds feeding from the compost they made.

Here is the different piles of dug up rubbish.