Thursday, May 17, 2012

Making Popcorn

We made popcorn.

These are corn seeds. They are not popcorn yet. We wanted to change the corn seeds into popcorn. How did we do this?


We put the corn seeds in a frypan and turned it on. The corn started popping...

...but then it started burning! Ms Nagels had turned the pan up too high! We had to take it quickly outside so the smoke alarm wouldn't go off and the fireman come to our school.
But we had no popcorn to eat! Lucky Ms Nagels had bought some microwave popcorn too, so we took it up to the staffroom and put it in the microwave. 
We heard it going POP POP POP!

The skinny bag got bigger because the seeds in the bag had popped and made the bag full.

We smelt and tasted the popcorn. It was yummy.

 Some of the seeds did not pop.                  
We learned that heat changes corn seeds into popcorn and that you can't turn it back again.
The corn seeds had turned inside out!


  1. Yum! Popcorn is delicious so it was very lucky Mrs Nagels had more popcorn after the burnt popcorn problem.
    So heat changes the corn into popcorn. Do you know anything else that changes when you heat it?
    From Anna

    1. Yes if you heat water in a kettle it will change into steam.

  2. I thought I could smell something smokey when I went into Room 2? Sometimes the staffroom smells like that too. What do you think makes that smell in the staffroom? Pippa

  3. I like your popcorn room 2 pop pop pop. from Alyssa

  4. To room 2. I really liked the pictures of you making popcorn. It looks very tasty...yum yum. From Nianna (Room 11).

  5. Cool, popcorn! I wish my class could make poppcorn too. Why did you put the seeds in the frying pan instead of the microwave?

    From Ezekiel Room 12 HES

  6. Maybe the teachers burn their toast!

  7. Cool popcorn. I wish I could eat it now.
    from 14 Shiloh

  8. Mmm Room2 that looks yum, you are lucky. Mykaila room14

  9. WOW!room 2 looks like you had heaps of fun.

    from Stella :)