Friday, September 14, 2012

Performing in the Operetta

It was really dark. We had on our cool costumes.
There were lights outside the hall.
We got a bit lost in the dark but it wasn't scary. 
Lots of big kids were outside too.

We could hear Ihipera singing 'A Change is Gonna Come'. 
Her singing was incredible.
People were cheering and clapping. 
We had to wait and listen for our song to come on.

It was cold outside and we were a bit nervous and excited.
The hall was crowded. 
The coloured lights shone in our eyes. 
When we got on the stage we felt a bit shy but brave too.
It was incredible!
We felt proud of our performance.
We heard people shouting out our names
Isabel's singing was amazing.
The audience cheered and clapped.

Shared writing by Room 2


  1. Excellent work guys

  2. WOW you look like you had a iot of fun.
    And the song you did was entertainingl.