Friday, September 20, 2013

Mystery Creek Visit

An opportunity to experience the life of the early settlers.

                                               The Hospital


Heritage Village

We got to explore the heritage buildings by the peaceful lake.        The schoolhouse, hospital, church, blacksmith and garage were fun.  We loved the old jail house! We saw the old Petrol Pumps at the Clydesdale Garage, and sat at an 100 year old school desk in the school house and yes, we rang the school bell!

Colonial Rooms

The colonial rooms showed time from 1875 through to 1935. The rooms were full of fascinating items such as a working gramophone and an early vacuum cleaner. We saw an old kitchen with a coal range and the Parlor a fancy name for what we now call the  lounge. We had a go at using the earliest laundry equipment. An old copper for washing your clothes in and a ringer to remove the excess water.

We had such an interesting time learning about the past and life as early settlers.We would do it all again.


  1. where are you room2
    from lex room 12

  2. Hi Room2,
    you look like you had a great time. I can tell you love going on trip, BY.

    From Battool, Room12