Thursday, June 25, 2015

Our Visit to the McGiven Farm

We had a morning visit 
with Andrew and Jenny 
to see their dairy farm. 

The cows came to welcome us.

Off to morning tea.

Andrew talked to us about maize.

We got to touch and smell the maize.

We saw the boss of the cows - Mr Bull.

What huge tyres!

What is a Calf Cafe?
A feeder for the calves. 
The Calf Cafe can feed 50 calves at a time.

Who are they patting?

The big vat holds the milk ready 
for the tanker to collect.
The little vat holds the colostrum for the calves.

The cups to milk the cows.

Down inside the milking bay.

That's a pretty strong hose. Hold on!

Wow! a calf motel

Where they keep the cows and calves
for birthing and nursing.

That's a pretty big tractor!

Take a look at us . . .

Time to make our way back.

Clean those muddy boots before we leave.

Thanks Andrew and Jenny from Room 1.

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