Friday, August 26, 2016

Daffodil Day 2016

Daffodil Art

Easy Blog Photo

Today we learnt to cut, tear and glue strips of paper to 
create a daffodil.

We used green strips to make the stalk and leaves.
We used yellow strips to make the petals and orange for a trumpet.


  1. We really like your daffodils made out of paper. We wonder if you can make daffodils out of paper using different techniques. How did you display your daffodils in your class? Room 11 Students

  2. Nice Daffodil flowers.
    I think they do good work.
    Good ideas.
    Shaurav Room 9

  3. I like your Daffodil flowers.
    They do Good Work.
    They Have Good Ideas

  4. hello Room 1 I like your daffodils that you made by guys did lots of styles.I wonder If you can curve the petals.From caylee Room 11.