Sunday, May 6, 2018

Term 2 Week 1

We collected leaves from the courts to put into
 the compost bins.
Its impossible to not notice autumn at Hamilton East school!
There are leaves falling everywhere.


We filled some black sacks with leaves.


We carried the big sacks.
They were light but very bulky.



The compost bins are full of fruit skins.
We put leaves on top of the skins to make the compost rich and make food for the worms.

Here we are in the kitchen gardens beside one of the compost bins.

This is what the bin looked like before we added the leaves.

There are many worms.
This bin is ready to empty onto the garden.

Meanwhile, back in the classroom, we collected leaves for another purpose.
Art making using screen printing.

Red paint ready to turn the leaves red.
We put leaves on a page, cover it with a screen
and spread paint on the screen.

We spread the paint, pressing it through the screen
with a rubber scraper.

When we take the screen off, the leaves
are printed onto the paper.
Dan's red leaves.

Here is the screen with leaves that have
already been used to make a print.

The printed sheets drying.

Here are some of the first prints of maple leaves from the tree at the front of the school.



Screenprinting is wonderful, but very messy.

Maia found this spider in the playground. Is it a Huntsman?
I think the little dog is very interested.

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