Monday, February 11, 2019

Welcome to 2019 in Room 5

Welcome to our new year in Room 5. Our class is the youngest  of our Year Two learners. The children in our class have been at school for half of last year. They are five and half and turning six. There are 25 children in our class.

I am Ms Jones. I first started teaching at Hamilton East School in 2000.  I took four years out of that time to pursue postgraduate studies at Waikato University.

We have got off to a great start. Thanks to Mel who started the year as I was unable to be here for those first two days.

It would be great if stationery could be bought as soon as possible. We hope to start using our new books next week.

Here are some photos of the class.


The hot weather has made swimming in the afternoon a very pleasant experience.
This week we will start having lessons with the Field of Dreams teachers on 
Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Please send togs with your child every day, even if it feels cool in the mornings. These lessons are very important. We are committed to teaching children to swim and therefore be safe in the water.

New Totara Playground

At last! After all the hard work fundraising for the new playground on Middle Flat, it has been finished. It was opened today beginning with a blessing at dawn with the teachers and our kaumatua.
This afternoon Room 5 went to check it out.









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