Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Project Energise with Erin.

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Developing our listening skills. Learning to follow instructions.


  1. Hi room 1 i hope you were having fun with erin. Were you guy's puffed out well i hope you's had fun.By erana room 9

  2. AWESOME Room 1 .I hope that you are having fun with Erin and getting Ready for cross country

  3. Good job guys I hope your ready to cheer and run in the cross country.By Devon

  4. Hope you's are having fun with Erin and I hope you are going to cheer for people in cross country.By Erana Room 9

  5. I really like how room 1 is playing altogether.
    you guys are awesome at fitness.
    you could of did extra fitness.

  6. What a great day you had room 1.
    Your teacher must be amazed by your listening skills.
    I wonder how i can listen more carefully?
    Jaskirat room 11