Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Museum trip

Yesterday, Kowhai Team walked across the bridge to the museum.
We went to learn about Maori art and design, and how early Maori understood the heavens.

Outside the museum is an artwork called The Tongue of the Dog.

We coloured designs, and drew geckos

We made a paper waka.

Here is the majestic Te Winika, We learned that it was a war canoe.

Te Winika is decorated with albatross feathers along its side.

It has a beautiful stern.

There are many carved ancestors guarding the waka.

This one has paua shell eyes.

At the bow of the waka there are two big eyes, decorated with albatross feather, to help the waka steer the right course.

Decorating a waka

We learned about the constellation of Matariki

Inside Te Whaanau Maarama

These shapes represent the sun and the moon.

Elaine told us the story of Rangi and Papa.

Inside the museum theatre.

It was a great trip to the museum. We will go back again!

After all, it is just across the river!
Other things we have been doing .......

Look at our beautiful pumpkin art!

We harvested our kumara. Every class planted a kumara plant last spring. Now we are harvesting them.
There will be a competition to see which class got the heaviest crop.

This is Room 5s crop.

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