Monday, July 1, 2019

Plastic-free July

Today is the first day of July. It is also the first day of plastic-free July.

Room 5 started the plastic-free month by going around our school boundaries and picking up all the plastic rubbish we could find. We found plastic rubbish in the gutters and along the roadside amongst the plants. By collecting it we stopped all that rubbish ending up going down the drains and into the river then the sea.

look how much we found just around our school boundaries.

We found chip packets, muesli packets, straws, gladwrap, hair ties, packaging, plastic bags and lots and lots of tiny pieces of rubbish.

We talked about how we can make a difference:

  • Bring nude food to school.
  • Don't buy fruit and vegetables in plastic trays with plastic covers - buy it loose.
  • Take bags to the supermarket.
  • Buy meat from the butcher - they put it into paper, not plastic.
  • We don't need plastic straws.
  • Don't buy water in plastic bottles. Re-use a bottle and fill it from the tap.
All these things are  good start for becoming plastic-free.
We are an Enviroschool. This means we think about the best ways to care for our environment.

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